5 Ridiculous Men's Fashion Trends That Are In This Season

Wait, are these a "must-have" or a "must not"?

If you're a dapper gentleman who wants to stay in the loop with latest fashion and beauty trends, then you must (simply MUST) see these six fashion statements that are going to be crazy popular -- or maybe just crazy? -- this year.

Don't take them too seriously. Consider acquiring at least one, just for fun.


1. Crafty trend: upcycled crochet shorts and onesies.

You know you want them.

2. Facial hair trend: brightly-colored beards.


3. Another facial hair trend: Lego beards.

Or the entire Lego face masks, actually.

4. Hairstyle trend: someone else's face on your skull.

It's actually pretty cool when you consider the jaw-dropping skills of this barber.

5. Closet trend: fashion dads.

Yes, this is chic.

Did we miss something?

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