Possibly The Best 'Weed Hot Chocolate' Ever Made

A little winter treat.

Brian Wallace is an ethnobotanist which basically means he studies the relationships between peoples and plants. He also happens to be a chocolate-maker. 

And as the founder of "Endorfin Chocolat," he's well-versed in putting an organic spin on everyone's favorite snack.


Who's qualified to make what's possibly the best tasting "weed hot chocolate" on the planet?

In the video below from Vice's Munchies, not only does Wallace show us how to make the mouth-watering velvety treat, but he also teaches us about the health benefits of chocolate.

Wallace says that cannabis and chocolate are perfect compliments to each other, and points out that cocoa butter helps to extract the cannabis. 

While many cannabis consumers have a chill experience, some people can get anxiety from the substance. When picking out which type to use, it's important to know your THC and CBT. Wallace is very specific about the amounts in his recipe. 

And here's the finished product. Cannabis-infused chai-spiced hot chocolate made with almond milk and organic cacao paste.

Watch Wallace make the "weed hot chocolate" recipe that he says "feels as good as it tastes." 

Now, this is the kind of recipe you might want to share with your friends. 


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