After His Wedding Ring Fell Through A Grate, Philadelphians Came To The Rescue

"We all cheered — the cab drivers, the tourists on the street, and Philly cops who had come just to watch how this was going to end."

What's worse than losing your wedding ring? Knowing exactly where it landed, but not being able to retrieve it yourself, of course. 

That's what happened for one couple in Philadelphia last weekend, as Twitter user Erin B. (@ErinJanune) shared on Sunday.

"On Friday night, my husband's wedding ring flew off of his hand and rolled away and down a Philly sidewalk grate," Erin tweeted. "This was his grandfather's wedding ring that was engraved with his grandparents' initials and wedding date."

However, the couple was told they'd have to wait for assistance until City Hall reopened on Monday, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.


"We spent the next several hours face down on the grate, searching for his ring at the bottom," she continued. "After only being there a few minutes we spotted the ring and used our contraption to fish it out. As we pulled it out we realized — it wasn't the right ring."

"We continued our search. During this entire time, strangers came up in an attempt to help us. Tourists from Chicago. Cab drivers. Homeless people. A bachelor party. Some even laid on their bellies to help us look."

It wasn't until the couple stopped a Philadelphia police officer, however, that they finally got the help they really needed. When he learned about their dilemma, the cop put in a call to PECO, the city's electric company, which sent someone out right away.

"Brian emerged from below victorious, my husband's wedding ring in his hand," she tweeted. "We all cheered — the cab drivers, the tourists on the street, and Philly cops who had come just to watch how this was going to end."

Success! Despite the potentially nightmarish results, the couple's story had finally reach its happy ending.

As Erin B. said, every single person who came to their aid embodied the "brotherly love" for which Philadelphia's famous. They saw two people in need and they all lended a hand in any way they could. Even those who couldn't do much to help retrieve the ring offered moral support and encouragement during a time of great frustration. Much like the promise the ring represents, the people of Philadelphia came together, for better or worse, to help Erin B. and her husband and, together, they accomplished something worthwhile — a lesson we should apply to all aspects of our lives.


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