Couple Is Joined By A Local Tribe In Kenya For Their Wedding

One wild wedding.

Jonas Peterson is an insanely talented photographer, who captures wedding days in the most beautiful manner. His job brings him to some pretty crazy places around the globe, and Kenya is one of them.

Recently Jonas travelled to Masai Mara in Kenya to shoot the beautiful wedding of Nina and Sebastian. Scroll down to see their African adventure.


Meet Nina and Sebastian. Their wedding will give you a severe case of wanderlust.

"Save the weekend for an African adventure." Jealous already? We're are.

Nina, a wildlife photographer, spent many months in Kenya working on her project on the world’s last wild lions.

During those months she became close to the local Maasai community, hence decided to hold the ceremony on their land.

The wedding dress.

Nina's closest friend from the Maasai tribe got her traditional wedding jewelry that was handmade by his family.

Maasai brides usually wear the necklace called enkarewa.

Sebastian holds a stick, which was also a gift from the local Maasai tribe.

Roses, tigers & lions.

The lovebirds celebrated their special day with warriors from the local community.

This sunset is actually real.

Taking a walk on the wild side.

Nina & Sebastian exchanging rings in front of their family and friends. That of course includes the tribe.

Maasai warriors observing the ceremony.

Hip hip hooray!

If you liked Jonas' wedding photography as much as we did, make sure to follow him on Instagram. You can also check more photos of this beautiful wedding in Kenya and read about it on Jonas' website.

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