These Wedding Bloopers May Look Bad, But At Least They've Created Some Pretty Lasting Memories

Down goes the cake.

A lot of things can go wrong at a wedding: the ring bearer loses the rings, the florist delivers the wrong arrangements, someone gets a little too drunk, there's a spill on the white dress — we could go on forever.

With a list like that, there's bound to be some epic wedding day bloopers from time to time.

Cue Brides magazine, which recently compiled a bunch of hilarious wedding day bloopers into one glorious video that's sure to resonate with any bride, groom, or partygoer viewers. 

Of course, no one hopes for something to go wrong at an event so special (and expensive!), but these are all in good fun, and we're sure that the participants will look back on these one day and smile.

Here are a few of our favorites:


These Segway video-bombers:

This topsy-turvy cake:

This runaway bride:

Be sure to watch the video below for more:


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