This Startup Wants To Make It Easier To Connect With Ethical Fashion Brands You'll Love

"You are what you wear."

As we learn more about fast fashion's negative impact on the environment, and the unethical production methods often employed by big brands, many of us are opting to support those who create eco-friendly fashion by people making fair wages in safe working conditions. But, oftentimes, we simply don't know where to find the brands we love that support the causes we care about. 

Enter wearwell —  a new personal shopping fashion startup to help women discover ethical fashion brands that fit both their style and their values. 

"We want to connect consumers with the impact of their closet, but we also want to inspire consumers to believe that change is possible," Erin Houston, co-founder of wearwell, told A Plus. "There's a lot of negativity surrounding the fashion and apparel industry, and for good reason. But there are plenty of solutions out there. So, if we can connect people with those solutions, consumers can begin to see that it's possible to use their purchases to lift up others, empower whole communities, and support the causes they deeply believe in." 


The company curates clothing from ethical fashion brands based on information women provide about themselves. Wearwell users start by filling out a profile. 

"We ask them questions about their style, sizing, and budget, but we also dig into what they care about most — their cause preference. Whether that's human rights, the environment, girl's education, you name it," Erin Houston, co-founder of wearwell, told A Plus. "We then select three items we think that woman will love, put them in a box and send them to her door. She keeps what she loves and sends back what she doesn't."

Each piece of clothing comes with a card that describes the positive social impact generated by its purchase, so customers can see exactly how their style choices affect other people and the environment. 

"Our hope is that our customers have a great story to tell at the next event, office gathering or cocktail party they attend and they know where they can go to find more," Houston said. 

In addition to helping consumers fill their closets with ethical fashions, wearwell's founders hope to help smaller clothing brands that are making a big difference in communities around the world gain more recognition. 

"Smaller brands often have trouble reaching new customers and the more we can help them do that, the more they can grow, generating more positive impact in the lives of garment workers, makers, and artisans around the world," Houston said. "It's a virtuous cycle: the more people who are empowered to shop ethically, the more business goes to conscious brands, the more positive impact reaches people in the communities where those conscious brands operate." 

Last week, the wearwell team launched an Indiegogo campaign to help them launch the company and improve their website. The campaign offers backers the opportunity to pre-order and select accessories. They were able to raise their goal of $30,000 the day the campaign launched. 

"We plan to be open for business in June, but our campaign backers will be the first group of customers we serve," Houston said. 

You can learn more about wearwell and their Indiegogo campaign by checking out the video below. 


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