Everytime You Buy A Pair Of Undies, A Woman In Need Can Get One, Too

Just like TOMS, but with panties.

When Sara and Kevin Goryl lost their longtime friend Terry in February 2013 to complications from alcoholism, the couple vowed to give back to rehabilitation facilities in his honor. 

"After Googling, 'what to donate to addiction rehabilitation facilities' I discovered that 'New Underwear' were at the top of every list," Kevin, the brand's self-appointed Chief Do-Gooder, told A+ in an email. 

Six months later, the Goryls formed "Too LLC," a company dedicated to giving new underwear to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and addiction, and officially launched last June. 

Like shoes, underwear is a basic necessity, but it's often overlooked. 

"Most shelters rely on donations for clothing and most people donate used clothes but, for obvious reasons, most shelters do not accept used underwear as a donation," he said.

Ultimately, the husband and wife team decided to take their mission to the next step with a business model inspired by the "one-for-one" model of TOMS, the shoe company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair someone purchases.


Sara, who has a Textiles and Apparel degree, develops and designs the cotton underwear which are sold on WearToo.com. Her designs include vibrant, pastel colors and different shapes and no elastic band. The idea being that underwear for women will benefit from being made by women.

So far, their mission has been well-received, especially by a few of the women who will be given the underwear. While visiting a rehab center to explain his business, Kevin recounted what one woman told him:

To most people it's just a pair of underwear," she said, "until you don't have any and don't know where you are going to get a pair for you or your children.

The two plan to change that. And they're starting with the URINYC, a domestic violence shelter and addiction recovery center in New York. 

"We didn't start the company to make a million dollars," Kevin told A+. "We started it to help a million people."


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