This New Clothing Label Wants You To Wear Your Disease On Your Sleeve

Nearly 1 in 4 American adults suffer from this disease.

We need to talk about mental illness.

Mental illness encompasses a number of different diseases such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder — just to name a few. It affects nearly one in four adults and 20 percent of teenagers in the United States every year. 

Despite the number affected by it, mental illness is highly stigmatized. That makes it difficult for people to get the help they need and talk about it openly. 

A new clothing line aims to change that. Wear Your Label creates apparel with slogans like "it's okay to not be okay" to help spark conversation about the issue and reduce stigmas surrounding it. 

"Mental illness is invisible — you can't see it," co-founder Kyle MacNevin told Today. "When you break your arm, you get a cast. It's a symbol to the world that something happened and you're getting better. We try to do that with our clothing. So it says, 'I'm going through something, but I'm working on it.' "

Seeing others wearing their disease on their sleeve can make it easier to talk about your own struggles. 

Check out some of their clothes below: 


1. "Self care isn't selfish."

2. "It's okay to not be okay."

3. "Sad but rad."

4. "Stressed but well dressed."

5. "Sick not weak."

6. "Your story isn't over."

7. "Wear your strength/struggle."

8. Anxiety disorder bracelet.

(H/T: Today)

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