Australian Video For Marriage Equality Celebrates All Types Of Love

If you've ever felt it, you'll get it.

"Before you, I never really understood love ... But then again, before you, I didn't understand how full my heart could feel."


"Love seemed like madness. I honestly couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through so much suffering."

"But then I met you ... And I knew I'd put up with endless misery if it meant I could have you."

"I wanted all the beautiful parts of you. And I wanted all the ugly parts, too."

"This isn't about my grandmother's ring on the finger next to yours. It isn't about something old or something new."

"It's about standing next to you and telling you that my world only started spinning once you've said 'Yes'."

These are just some of the snippets from a heartwarming short film "We Will," created by a group of young Australian filmmakers.

Meant to reignite the stagnant debate on legalization of same-sex marriages in Australia, "We Will" follows a love story of a lesbian couple, Claire and Rachel. From their very first date, to a romantic rendezvous, to the day they had to recite wedding vows to each other — it perfectly captures the universal feeling of being in love.

"I was feeling so frustrated by our government's current stance on marriage equality. I was desperate to go out and help the cause, and filmmaking is my skill. I wanted to show the beautiful normality of a same-sex relationship; to illustrate that they are just the same as any other relationship," film director Laura Nagy told LOTL.

Watch the full video below and don't forget to celebrate love — all kinds of it!


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