We Asked 6 New Yorkers To Share Their Secret Ambitions. Here's What They Said.

“[Music] would be such a powerful medium to spread positivity.”

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Having even the simplest of goals can make life all the more exciting and worthwhile. To find out what keeps people going, and what ambitions drive them throughout their day, week, or year, we asked six New Yorkers to share their secret ambitions with us. 

After spending the day wandering around the city, we got answers as varied and diverse as the people themselves. People's dreams run the gamut from changing the world, to owning a herd of puppies, to being part of a weird fitness trend.

Check out what people had to say:



A Plus

"People mock me routinely when I tell them I can't [whistle]. I want to show them up."

-Anni Epstein


A Plus

"I would love to own white terriers because they are so cute, fluffy and adorable, and they make great companions!"

-Emilie Pierre-Paul


A Plus

"I just think that so many people listen to music that it would be such a powerful medium to spread positivity."

-Daniel Batista


A Plus

"I want to learn the double bass because it's such a deep instrument that brings a lot of colors and harmonies to bands. And I love Jazz as well ... It's such a big instrument that I think it would be amazing to learn how to handle it."

-Samia Omari


"[I want to publish a romance novel] because I think they're fun and silly and people have strange ideas about them that aren't necessarily true about who writes them, and it would amuse me to upset people's ideas about who does."

-Charlotte Kent


"Well I used to photograph a lot of burlesque and I used to see some performances, and they are always really impressive. But I also really like the idea that there's this kind of very strong, flexible, and interesting, and performative way for women to be on stage. Which isn't just the same as burlesque or stripping, or anything like that. There can be humor to it, and there is really a lot of technical skill and strength."

-Darren Mayhem


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