Is Wayward Pines Brainwashing Its Residents? We Have More Theories.

Who's controlling Ethan's mind?

We're now three weeks into "Wayward Pines," and the show is only getting more mysterious. Last week's shocking episode ended with Beverly's public execution — Who thought they would kill off Juliette Lewis after just two weeks? And things are only going to become stranger from here on out. Ethan is still puttering around, trying to escape and/or figure out what this wacky town is all about. Our biggest question right now is: Is Wayward Pines brainwashing its residents? It would certainly explain a lot.

Like how Ethan saw the bodies of his wife and son, even though they're supposedly back home. Was that image just a hallucination, somehow constructed in Ethan's mind? If so, maybe Beverly's death was as well. Ethan complained to his therapist about hallucinations before he even got to Wayward Pines, but that could be a sign that the town somehow had influence over him before he even got there.

A town-wide brainwashing experiment would also explain how every citizen knew to converge on the square for Beverly's untimely demise. These people certainly seem programmed to respond simultaneously — and to always act in the best interests of the town, despite the fact that they're all trapped there, probably against their will.

If we're correct, and this explains all the creepiness surrounding Wayward Pines, the next question becomes how the town is getting inside people's minds. Our best guess: those handy dandy microchips implanted in people's legs.


Watch the trailer for "Wayward Pines" third episode:

"Wayward Pines" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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