15 Ways Every Woman Fails At Being A Woman

At least the socially imposed version of her.

Women are often forced into meeting ridiculous gender stereotypes: dress sexy, act cute, be good at cooking, cleaning, crocheting and whatnot. 

However, some of us manage to fail at this big time. But is it always bad? Here's our moment of truth.


1. We fail at makeup.

2. We fail at wearing bras.

3. Our creative meals don't always look as creative.

4. We fail at wearing heels. Miserably.

5. Nail art is our true nemesis.

6. Working out is never as sexy as it may seem.

7. Nor does PMS'ing turn us into the cute smiling peace fairies.

8. We're not so smooth with the compliments.

9. Most of us fail at anything DIY.

10. We often fail at doing things "like a girl" and do them like an awesome human being instead.

11. We fail at obeying degrading stereotypes and are able to stand up for ourselves.

12. Cliched girly interests are also a failure.

13. We don't really need a man to fix stuff around the house.

14. We fail at being the "weaker sex" because we are strong and confident in every way.

15. We know our worth and fail at feeling guilty for it.

(Cover image: We Heart It)

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