30 Summer Activities For Kids Instead Of Playing A Tablet

Summer fun with no screens required.

In the midst of summer vacation, it can be all too easy to let your kids veg out with their iPads or in front of the TV. Kids generally go through something called "summer slide" in which they forget a significant portion of what they learned in the previous grade. You can prevent this from happening by keeping them busy and active during their summer break. 

Here are 30 ideas to keep your kids busy during the summer that don't involve TV or tablet screens:


1. Reading. This sounds really obvious, but try different incentives or make it a contest between siblings.

2. Start a lemonade stand.

3. Make a time capsule.

4. Host a water balloon war.

5. Do chores. (Hey, we didn't say they would *like* all of these)

6. Check out community events at the local library.

7. Try some backyard camping.

8. Clear out last year's clothes to make room for fresh threads for the new school year.

9. Make some home made popsicles.

10. Bust out some coloring books.

11. Go bowling.

12. Buy play sand and make sandcastles at home.

13. Have a picnic at a local park.

14. Hit up the beach.

15. Make a homemade slip and slide.

16. Make sun tea.

17. Ride a roller coaster at the local amusement park.

18. Take a blanket outside and look up at the stars.

19. Let them pick out produce at the farmer's market.

20. Resurrect some old favorite games, like hopscotch.

21. Play frisbee.

22. Listen to a local band.

23. Splash in puddles after a rainstorm.

24. Grab some workbooks for the next grade level.

25. Do science experiments.

26. Take a family bike ride.

27. Watch a local sporting event

28. Invent your own board game.

29. Play basketball.

30. Take a road trip.

Of course, forbidding all screen time for the entire summer probably isn't a realistic goal, but make sure that the kids are prioritizing brain-building activities. You can even grab a free printable from My Modern Family to remind kids of what they have to do before binging on Netflix.

[Header image: thejbird via flickr]


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