When Work Makes You Anxious, Try These 9 Helpful Tricks

You'll get through it.

Your emails stack up, your phone uncontrollably rings, your boss tasks you with 35 things in 35 minutes, and voilà — you're filled with uneasy, anxious feelings that make your day extremely uncomfortable. 

And while those feelings are inevitable for many people stressed in the workplace, there are simple ways in which you can alleviate that anxiety and get back to business. 

To help break it down, BuzzFeed created a video featuring nine ways to feel less anxious at work, including everything from what to drink to how to spend your lunch break.

Here are a few of our favorites below:


Choose caffeine-free chamomile tea over coffee.

Distract your mind with an entertaining show at lunch.

Just breathe.

Check out more tips in the full video below:


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