These 6 Easy — And Scientifically Proven — Tricks Will Help You Appear Smarter

Step 4: Wear thicker glasses.

You can get naturally smarter by reading more, taking a class, or exposing yourself to new things — but what if you need a quick fix?

The guys from AsapScience, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, are teaching you exactly that with their newest YouTube video. Joining them to inform viewers about easy and scientifically proven ways to appear smarter is fellow YouTuber Lilly Singh.

Some of the tips are no-brainers, some may introduce you to new facts, and others will just make you laugh — especially when you see them acted out by these three goofballs.

"The perception of intelligence is really important in human evolution and, as a result, pretty important to your life," Moffit says, kicking off the video.

Here is a summed-up version of what AsapScience and Singh are teaching this time 'round:


Step 1: Use a middle initial. They tend to result in positive evaluations of your intellect and increased perceived status. Why? Because they're usually reserved for important people.

Step 2: Include graphs. Graphs have been shown to get more people to believe a fact — the same information which fewer agreed with without a visual aid.

Step 3: Speak expressively. By speaking with various pitches, tones, and volumes, you'll come across as knowing more than someone saying the exact same thing as you. 

Step 4: Wear thicker glasses. This one is self-explanatory and something most people already know about this stereotype.

Step 5: Smile more. Another easy one, but sometimes you might forget showing off your pearly whites can help others think of you as being a smarter person.

Step 6: Avoid alcohol. Apparently even holding alcohol — wine, beer, or spirits — will lead to others thinking you're not so smart. Next time you're in a situation, stick with anything but this.

If you follow these steps — with the help of the guys at AsapScience and Singh showing you how to put them to use — maybe you'll notice how others treat you.

Watch the full video below to see the tips in action:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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