5 Ways Men Can Help End Sexism That You Didn't Know, But Should

How men can help feminism.

YouTube web series Feminist Frequency just released a video detailing five ways how men can help end gender discrimination. The video, narrated by writer/director Jonathan McIntosh, also included ways that men might "suffer" from gender roles and to the extent that men can assist in eradicating sexism. Although there have been men who stood up to sexism, there is certainly more that every guy can do.

Here are five things men can do to end sexism.


Listen and learn from women's ideas before interjecting into the conversation.

Be proactive and continuously learn about feminism.

Speaking up to sexist remarks made by men is easy and important.

It is OK if a woman disagrees with your comments and don't take it personally.

Don't repeat the same sexist mistakes again.

Watch the full video:


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