11 Sure-Fire Things You Should Do To Stay Crazy In Love

It's totally possible.

Babies are all fun and games until you're trying to get intimate with your partner and there's still pureed food in your hair.

Here's the good news: That stain can be washed out. And there are tons of ways to keep the spark alive even when you're both trying to raise a mini-human while keeping your sanity and functioning on god knows how many hours sleep.

Whether it's impromptu date night or sending the kids packing (just for the night!), new parents, do not fret. Here are some totally doable ways to keep things alive inside the bedroom and out:


1. Have romantic bedroom decor.

No baby toys. Use deep reds, soft fabric and mood lighting.

2. Abide by the "no business after 8 p.m." rule.

Set a time when you can no longer discuss the business of the day. Discuss bills, chores, kids, appointments and everything else all before 8 p.m.. After 8 p.m., no more talk of that. It's just about enjoying each other.

3. Shower together at least once a week.

Maybe not everyday, but try for once or twice a week. When the kids are in bed take a shower together. Not only is it sexy, but it's a timesaver too. 

4. Schedule date nights.

At least once or twice a week, have an adult dinner after kids have gone to bed. Pour yourselves a glass of timeless blended Scotch. Cook a really nice dinner and dessert. You both deserve it.

5. Actually give yourselves time apart.

What? Yep. Time away will give you a break from each other, the home, but will allow you to miss your partner and give each other something to talk about when you come back — other than the kids. 

6. Get the baby or child out of the house or rent a hotel room.

Seems like a desperate move, but if you can afford a hotel room, get one. You won't have to clean the sheets or have anxiety about anyone sneaking into the bedroom. Or, if you're on a tight budget, take the kids to the babysitter's place instead of your own. Worrying about the kids waking up can kill the mood.

7. Surprise one another.

Reigniting the spark doesn't always start in the bedroom. Remind each other what it was like when you first started dating. Plan mini trips or surprises.

8. Go out with friends for an adult-only night.

You'll be reminded that you were a person before kids came into the picture. You'll also get to interact with other adults who know what you're going through at home. You'll feel more confident and happier, which will hopefully translate into your relationship with your spouse.

9. Laugh.

It seems to simple, but in getting caught up with life and stress that comes along with it, people often forget to crack a smile. Laughing brings people closer. See a funny movie or just lay in bed telling jokes.

10. Do something new together.

It's been proven. Couples who participate in fun activities together grow closer in love. So start Googling cool things to do. It'll pay off.

11. Give each other breaks.

"You take a bath and I'll put the kids to bed," type breaks. Your partner will appreciate you and the time for themselves more than ever. Not to mention, they'll be more relaxed. And naked.


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