15 Watermelon Sculptures That Prove Playing With Your Food Is A Good Idea

Look, but don't eat.

While most people carve a watermelon to eat, some people carve it to make art. In Japan, this act of fruit and vegetable carving is known as Mukimono.

These photos are not only food for your eyes, they are food for your stomach too. Take a look:


1. Fill this with water.

2. Bear in mind how long this took to make.

3. This is what a watermelon looks like when it wants to attack you.

4. When a watermelon holds a hand that holds a baby.

5. This is black belt-worthy.

6. You might find one of these in the next "Jurassic World" sequel.

7. A sculpture that would make a great wedding present.

8. If he can smile, so can you.

9. Let this guide you through the night.

10. March of the watermelon penguins.

11. Tea time!

12. What a slow-poke!

13. They should remake "Dumbo" with this.

14. All that's missing is Donkey.

15. We're gonna need a bigger bowl.

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