This Student's Water Bottle Talent Show Trick Is The Most Lit Thing You'll See All Day

In fact, it's beyond lit.

The magic trick you are about to witness should never be attempted at home.


In fact, it should probably never be tried at all due to the dangerous hazards involved.

The odds of even completing it are so slim that you probably have a better chance of climbing Mt. Everest in swimwear.

This trick must have taken years and years to perfect. It probably took so much time, we don't even think he plays video games.

We're not sure how he maintained his focus. It's pure tenacity and a lesson in dedicating one's self to a cause so great that even Abraham Lincoln would pop out of his grave to shake your hand.

You will never see a better trick. EVER.

Just wait until you see how lit the crowd gets from this angle.

Afterward, this kid completely relished in his newfound fame. Yeah, he's kind of famous now.

Giving sports a new definition.

Get him on the show! #MikeToEllen

Now, enough of your dark arts, Mike. Go do your homework.


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