Watch This Water Aerobics Instructor Absolutely Nail Beyoncé's Routine. Now Put Your Hands Up, Oh Oh Oh.

Get it.

We've all seen numerous dance routine's set to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," but let us assure you this is nothing like them.

Beckyboo Wells, a British tourist from Southampton, recently uploaded a video on Facebook that appears to be shot at Condesa De La Bahia hotel in Alcudia, Spain. The video captures a water aerobics instructor dancing to one of our favorite Beyoncé hits while teaching the class and, hot damn, this guy knows exactly what he's doing.

Those. Dance. Moves. Whoa. 


Splits in the air. Casually.

If only we all were enjoying our jobs as much as this guy does.

"Sorry guys, but I couldn't resist sharing this. The water aerobics guy thinking he is actually Beyoncé," Wells wrote on Facebook.

Girl, with these skills, he might as well be. Where do we sign up for his next class?

Make sure to watch the entire video:

Queen Bey would be so proud.

Uploaded merely four days ago, the video already has been watched more than 2 million times. Good job, mister.

(H/T: Mashable)

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