Watch 'The Secret Life Of Pets' Trailer For Your First Glimpse Of Next Summer's Most Adorable Movie

How well do you really know your dog?

If you've ever owned a dog (or a cat, fish, bird, turtle or pet rock), you know that leaving them alone all day while you go to school or work can be tough, both for you and your pet. But, as the new trailer for The Secret Life of Pets shows, as soon you're out of earshot, your critters are off, attending to their own complex lives that have nothing to do with the humans who feed them. Beware: Fido isn't actually sitting around all day, waiting for you to return. More likely, he's off having adventures you'll never even know about.

The Secret Life of Pets is Universal's latest animated film (the studio also created Despicable Me) and it's due to open July 8, 2016. The movie stars Louis C.K. as Max, a terrier who is forced to make room in his home when his owner adopts another dog, Duke (Eric Stonestreet). But the real trouble starts when Max and Duke have to combine forces to stop Snowball, a bunny voiced by Kevin Hart who is building an army of abandoned animals. Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan and Ellie Kemper also have roles in the movie.

Watch the first trailer for The Secret Life of Pets below:


Image credit: Universal Pictures


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