This Video Of Steph Curry Reading His Negative Draft Report Will Pump You Up

Don't let anyone shut you down.

Stephen Curry has had quite the year. He led his team to 67 regular season wins and won the NBA championship, earning the NBA MVP award along the way. He makes impossible shots time and time again, and there probably isn't a fan base in sports that feeds off one player's hot hand more than that of the Golden State Warriors.

Coming into the 2015-2016 NBA season, Curry has little to prove to the people who thought for a long time he was too small, lacked strength and couldn't elevate those around him. However, he's probably hungry to stay at the top and now everyone's gunning for him. In a new commercial for CoachUp, though, he takes a moment to wink at his doubters by reading the negative draft report he received in 2009 before he joined the league.

Here's a few of the best notes:


"He's not a great finisher around the basket."

"He needs to considerably improve his ball-handling."

"Often struggles against physical defenders."

Check out the rest in the full commercial below:

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

Cover image: CoachUp via YouTube


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