Watch Mike Tyson Hilariously 'Unbox' A Strawberry Shortcake Doll On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

A new kind of boxing.

Boxing. The word is typically associated with macho athletes who have an affinity for punching each other in the face. Unboxing, though only two letters more than boxing, is completely unrelated. It's taken on an entirely new life online, where people unpack newly purchased toys or electronics and share the experience with their audiences.


Exhibit A:

Television host Jimmy Kimmel thought it'd be a great idea to meld these two concepts, boxing and unboxing, together by having a boxer "unbox" something. Still following? 

He brought Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion, on the show to do just that. 

Who better than to make an unboxing video than a boxer himself?

"Hi, this is Mike Tyson and we're on 'Unboxing.'"

"This is very difficult to unbox because as you know, they have strong strong adhesive tape around here."

"She reminds me of a dancer in Vegas named 'Desire."

Obviously, unboxing is way cooler than anything in the ring. Watch the rest of the clip below.


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