Watch These Kids Kill Their Dance Routine To 'Watch Me'

"Watch Me?" More like watch THEM.

Kids prove that they have serious dancing skills over and over again, and this mini crew is no different. 

YAKFilms got Dem Bague Boyz, an all-boy dance crew from California, and Phoenix Lil'Mini, a 9-year-old dancer also from California, to show their stuff in a music video to Silento's "Watch Me" and the four do not disappoint. 


One of Dem Bague Boyz starts working robotic moves in front of an unsuspecting crowd.

Then the rest of his crew join in and start tearing up the floor, er, concrete. Slowly, people start to realize something sick is happening.

Out of nowhere, Phoenix takes the stage — and the four show up pretty much everyone there.

Watch these kids school the crowd in the full music video below:

And if you can't get enough of Phenix (or understand how something so small could have so much talent) check out this freestyle video of hers:



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