This Is What Life Is Like For An iPhone

Life. Death. Reincarnation.

We're all in pretty intimate relationships with our phones, walking around with them in our pockets or purses or bags all day, and usually sleeping not more than a few feet away from them at night. The smartphone is quite literally an extension of the self, allowing us to instantly connect with friends and family, find directions anywhere and document everything we do with a simple tap. With all that time spent staring at a screen, filmmaker Paul Trillo must have wondered what things look like from the phone's perspective — so he made The Life & Death of an iPhone.

The seven-minute video was shot entirely with Vimeo's Cameo app on an iPhone, depicting the daily life of a man and his phone. Trillo stars in the short himself, which transitions from scene to scene with a clever wipe timed right as he's presumably putting the phone in his pocket. He's seen using the phone in many of the same situations everyone should easily recognize — messing around with it in bed, taking selfies, snapping pics of his food, getting distracted with it while friends talk to him and much, much more.


Your phone sees you doing all kinds of things.

Sometimes you're late to work.

But you'll still stop for a cute dog.

Your boss can always tell when you're messing around on your phone.

Ignoring your friend's relationship complaints while you're on Tinder doesn't go over great either.

Brunch didn't happen if you don't take a pic.

Selfie with Ben Franklin. Obviously.

Every now and then, you make an actual phone call.

Inevitably, your phone takes a tumble and the screen shatters.

And it has to look on in silence as you bring a new phone into your life.

But after a quick fix, the phone will find its new owner through a secondary market. In China.

Watch the full video below:

Cover image: Paul Trillo via Vimeo


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