Watch Kylie And Kim In Caitlyn Jenner's New Moving 'I Am Cait' Trailer

So many feelings.

A former Olympian star, later patriarch to the enterprising Kardashian family, Caitlyn Jenner has become today's transgender icon, raising the community's visibility in the mainstream public like never before. As we await the E! series documenting her transition with bated breath, the network released a new Caitlyn Jenner transition documentary trailer, I Am Cait, and it will almost guarantee a tear or two. 

The 30-second video comes with the tagline "Sometimes, it can take a lifetime to start living." Packed with poignant moments of Jenner and her family, the trailer is sure to heighten the anticipation surrounding its release. "My first feeling was, 'I lost my son,' " her mom, Esther, says at a gathering with Jenner's loved ones. "Then I thought, 'You know what? I'm gaining.' " 

When the six-part docu-series was announced, E! noted that the riveting Kardashian clan would make an appearance, too. So it was no surprise when Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West were briefly featured in the trailer. Kylie and Jenner shared a sweet embrace, as the camera cuts to the latter tearfully talking about her children. Kim also helpfully notes to Jenner that she has the same taste in clothing as her former wife, Kris Kardashian. "Mom has that," Kim says when Jenner whips out a black dress from her closet.


At one point, Jenner visits a group of transgender youth and tells them, 'Hang out with people that love you and respect you. We're all beautiful!'

'I Am Cait' will premiere on E! on July 26 at 8 p.m. ET. If, for some reason, your interest hasn't yet been piqued, watch the new trailer here:


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