University's Rowing Team Goes Nude To Fight Homophobia

NSFW-ish... But for a good cause.

Meet the men's rowing team of the University of Warwick.


Now that we got your attention let's get into details.

Back in 2009, Warwick Rowing team made headlines with their first nude calendar featuring a bunch of jacked up college athletes in black and white. But the reason behind it wasn't just to flash everyone with their perfect muscular bodies. Their club had no funds and couldn't afford even the basic sports equipment.

"Our boats were dilapidated and we had no way of repairing them. We started the calendar as a way of literally keeping the club afloat!" team writes in their website.

After the huge success, Warwick Rowing team decided to start an outreach programme Sport Allies dedicated to fighting bullying and homophobia. They also continue to publish the calendar and spread the income between supporting the club and supporting good causes.

Take a look at their newest video released to promote the 2015 calendar.

The club states their previous calendars have raised more than $300,000 and are sold in 77 countries. Sport Allies is hoping to become a fully-independent registered charity by 2015.

Their goals include challenging homophobia in sports through media, community outreach work and programmes in local schools.

If you are interested in finding more about Sport Allies and supporting the cause, visit their website and Facebook. As for now, here are some shots from the 2015 calendar.

Counting days has never been more fun.

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