This Video Is Set Up To Look Like A Game, But It's Actually The Grim Reality For Millions Of Kids

'Objective: Survive.'

Forget pixelated castles and wells. Nowadays, video game creators are working night and day to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. Settings, characters, even their personalities are developed to mimic our real life and provide gamers with super-immersive experiences. 

But what happens when video games become TOO real?

To give you a taste of that, UK-based charity organization War Child created a bone-chilling video that simulates a first-person shooter video game, but also has a very grim connection to real life of millions of people worldwide.


Video starts by asking 'players' to select the level and the character for the game. Their choice? 9-year-old girl Nima.

The first bomb goes off and so the game begins ...

The bars at the bottom register Nima's trauma and health levels throughout the game. And they're about to drop significantly ...

The video literally puts viewers in Nima's shoes by showing events from a first-person perspective.

It also incorporates lots of gaming tools, such as quests and finding health medkits.

However, Nima isn't the one hunting and shooting in this game. Her objectives are pretty simple: find dad, survive.

The game ends as Nima drops on the floor, exhausted, scared and traumatized.

The video is titled "Duty of Care: Protecting Children in War," and was created based on real-life testimonies of children from Africa and Middle East.

According to War Child UK, "less than 3 percent of humanitarian funding is spent on protecting children in war zones, despite them making up more than 50 percent of the population." The goal of their campaign is to raise awareness and push for a change, targeting the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016.

You can support the campaign by signing the petition here.

Watch the full video below:


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