Photographer Snaps Intimate Portraits Of Millennial Couples Just To Prove Love Knows No Gender

These speak to us.

Wanda Martin, a London-based visual artist, started her photo series titled "Lovers" almost two years ago as a self-discovery project.

"We can say that initially my motivation was to investigate myself," Martin told A Plus in an email.

She started shooting photos of couples in their own rooms  — their private environment  — as an attempt to explore "sexual fluidity," and to prove "love doesn't depend on sex or gender, only on the person." 

As the photographer explained to A Plus, these intimate photographs of millennial couples in love reveal the similarities between different kinds of relationships — heterosexual, homosexual and everything in between.

Take a look for yourself below. Each and every photo speaks to us.


The project is ongoing, so keep an eye open for more of Martin's work, featured on her website.


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