What This Young Walmart Employee Did For A Homeless Man Will Warm Your Heart

Selflessness personified.

Myrna Kines was shopping at her local Walmart in Lithia Springs, Georgia, last Friday when she witnessed a young employee's selfless act for a homeless man.

The employee, 18-year-old Phil Powell, had seen the man come into the store barefoot. When he was still shoeless on his way out, Powell chose to give him the pair of Converse sneakers he was wearing

When Kines asked to take Powell's picture, the young man wondered why. "I told him that what he did deserved recognition," she told TODAY.

Kines shared the photo, which depicted Powell standing in his uniform and socks, on Facebook, where it has already received over 800 shares.


Powell's shoes were originally red, but he had bleached them pink in tribute to his grandmother, who fought breast cancer. He was apparently worried about how he looked wearing them to work for the first time.

As he told TODAY, "I have another pair of shoes. He doesn't."

The teen has a personal understanding of the man's situation, as he has reportedly experienced homelessness himself. He's now earning money for his mother while living with his godmother.

Kines wrote in her post that she would be contacting Walmart's corporate headquarters to tell them about the kind act.

Meanwhile, Powell's gesture didn't go unnoticed by his boss, Mike Kastensmidt. He later allowed the employee to pick a pair of shoes for himself from the store. Powell chose a pair of slippers that cost $13.

This young man's actions, without concern for himself or expectation of recognition, can inspire all of us to do better.

As Kines said, "It gives me hope there's still good in the world."

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