Walmart Employee's Dedication To Ill Customer Goes Viral

"This right here is real life, this is what it's all about, not hate."

When a woman fell ill while shopping at a Walmart in Evans, Georgia, last week, an employee of the retail giant went above and beyond to make sure she got the care and medical attention she needed.

Per a now-viral Facebook post shared by a bystander named Brittany McKee, the unidentified woman passed out in the store's refrigerated section and had fallen to floor. McKee, a registered nurse, jumped into action and stayed with the woman until she regained orientation. Also on hand was the woman's daughter, and a devoted Walmart employee identified only by his first name, Jason.

According to McKee the woman said she was on blood thinners and felt dizzy, so she and the others encouraged her to stay seated on the floor until an ambulance arrived. In her post, McKee made note of how the Walmart staff handled the frightening situation, calling them "amazing" and praising them for staying in touch with medical personnel throughout the ordeal.

However, it was Jason, pictured below, who really stepped up to the plate.


"I don't know his last name, but this man, no questions asked got down on the floor with this woman and supported her back so she could lean against him," McKee writes. "He literally got down on the floor to serve her, not because he was asked to do it, he wasn't, but because he wanted to." 

For McKee, Jason's unprompted act of kindness marked a shift from what she'd been seeing on the news regarding the state of race relations in America in the wake of the deadly clash in Charlottesville just weeks ago. 

"The media lately shows our country divided, filled with hate and racial tension, but this right here was one human being loving and serving another without condition of race or obligation," she explains. "What I experienced today was love, kindness, and serving. We are human beings, each and every one of us regardless of how much pigmentation our skin has or doesn't have."

"I couldn't help but share because the media doesn't seem to report this... the unity and the positive that occurs," she concludes. "This right here is real life, this is what it's all about, not hate."

Since it was posted last week, McKee's post has been shared over 521,000 times and liked by upwards of 1.2 million people. As one commenter wrote, "What a refreshing story to see in the midst of such negativity we see today." That was a sentiment shared by many.

Jason's actions, while selfless and praiseworthy, are just one example of people going out of their way to help and protect others in a time of need. As Texas begins to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Harvey, for example, we've seen and heard about hundreds of stories of heroism and sacrifice.


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