9 Random Objects This Celebrity Rabbit Looks Just Like

The definitive list.

Every bunny wabbit wants to stand out these days. It's the only way for The Modern Bunny to stay ahead in the fast-paced job market and social scenes of the 21st century, really. Instagram sensation Wally the Bunny has mastered the art of making himself a unique brand, so all you other bunnies who arbitrarily have "Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Visionary." in your Twitter bios better take note real quick. Bunny life waits for no one. 

Wally the Bunny has rapidly hopped his way into our smartphones, hearts (or shall we say... our heartphones?!), and LinkedIn networks with his bold straight-haired ears and chic, distressed fur. Wally reminds us of a lot of things — and people, and periods in U.S. history — actually, and we've come up with some of Wally's best doppelgangers.

Note well though, none come close to being the icon that is Wally the Bunny.


1. An aged mop.

2. The Dust Bowl.

3. A hearty bowl of oatmeal.

Via Instagram/Flickr user rachelhathaway

4. The Andromeda Galaxy.

5. Coolio circa 2012.

Via Instagram/Flicker user timothykrause

6. This coral sponge fossil.

Via Instagram/iStock user terminator1

7. This volcano eruption.

Via Instagram/iStock user warrengoldswain

8. Pablo Picasso's "Guernica."

That is some distressed fur.

Via Instagram/Wikimedia Commons

9. Arthur's friend Fern.

Via Instagram/youtube.com

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