This Football Player Became The Ultimate Gentleman With His Kind Act

A class act.

Wallace Gilberry, a defensive end for the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals, is known for making tackles on the field, but he recently tackled a problem off the field by helping a local family in a big way.

Gilberry was shopping Monday evening at a Target outside of Cincinnati in nearby Newport, Kentucky. While walking the aisles in the store, Gilberry noticed a mother and a father shopping with their kids. With the holidays approaching, Gilberry decided to do a very generous thing.


He purchased a Playstation 4 and several video games for the family he'd just met.

A nearby shopper noticed the kind act and snapped a photo of the encounter.

He posted the photo to Instagram and it has gone viral.

"The kids and the dad were going crazy and the mom was in tears," Instagram user mackiodaddy wrote.

The instagram user added a comment in the post saying that he told Gilberry this was a "bad ass move." Gilberry thanked him for the compliment and said, "everyone needs to be blessed."

It turns out that this wasn’t the first random act of kindness from Gilberry.

A Reddit thread of the photo revealed other times when Gilberry helped strangers, including buying everyone a shot of Sake at a sushi restaurant and buying cheeseburgers for the entire athletic training staff in Kansas City.

What a standup guy!

(H/T: The Big Lead)


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