This Artist Came Up With An Amazing Way To Brighten Up Every Pedestrian's Day

Bros will appreciate this.

If you're one of those people who can't say hi without fist bumping everyone, you're gonna like what you see next.


Pedestrians in L.A. were recently introduced to a peculiar device called Walkbump, which acts like a regular crosswalk button you press for the green light to go off.

But as you can judge from the photos, you don't press it. You fist bump it. Like a true bro.

The Walkbump was designed by Los Angeles-based artist Alfredo Adán, whose intent was to bring more whimsy to a mundane activity like street crossing.

Check out the making-of process, which is no less fun than the Walkbump itself ...

Step 1: ALGINATE. Alginic acid is often used in lifecasting to create molds of living body parts.

The mold is then filled with plaster to create a master form, which is going to be replicated later.

The plaster fist is placed inside a clay box and swamped with silicone to make a mold for all the future replicas.

Lastly, the silicone mold is filled with resin. After it's done drying, the final object reveals itself!



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