Watch This Waitress Lay Out A Man Who Gropes Her

Hands to yourself.

Women should never fear getting sexually assaulted, especially while performing everyday tasks such as walking down the street or asking someone for their food order. But as plenty of women know, that is not the case.

According to RAINN, 1 in 6 women have been sexually assaulted (or victims of attempted rape) in their lifetime. It's a form of power and a way for an assaulter to control the victim. 

And it happens all the time. A video posted to YouTube just a few days ago shows a Russian waitress fall victim to this type of assault. As she takes a man's food order, he reaches up toward her neck. She smacks him with the menu, to which he retaliates by standing up to grope her private area. She doesn't take it, and whacks him over the head with a menu.

Waitress: 1. Gross dude: 0.


See for yourself:

YouTuber Pedro M commented: "Why is everyone attending him and she's being ignored?"

Good point. 

Groping is still considered a form of sexual assault. Last May, The Guardian compiled a list of tweets from the #grabbed hashtag to show how prevalent the problem is. 

Women fighting back, like in the video, are few and far between. As Laura Bates wrote for The Guardian, "Many well-meaning people suggested various ways that victims should respond, but in reality, as so many of the tweets explained, shock, fear and embarrassment can make any response difficult under such circumstances."

And if the issue isn't taken seriously, people who feel they have a right to touch others without their consent will continue to do so. Just this month, Gawker ran a piece from a woman who had been touched on the New York City subway, who actually told police, and still nothing happened. 

So let's all speak up and make a change together, because not everyone is able to carry a menu.

(H/T: The Daily Dot)


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