This Beauty Salon Dedicated To People With Cancer Is About More Than Just Makeovers

It is a safe space.


A trip to the beauty salon can do more than just alter your physical appearance. It can also help make you feel good from the inside out, boosting your confidence and mood. 

That is the idea behind W. Sisters' Beauty Salon in Szczecin, Poland — except this isn't your average salon. 

Founded in 2012, the W. Sisters' Salon is a place that specializes in hair and beauty treatments for those with cancer.

Al Jazeera reports the salon was set up by sisters Joanna Wiszniewska and Jolanta Wiewióra, who are both cancer survivors. They wanted to create a space for people where they can feel comfortable before and after chemotherapy treatment. Clients can express their thoughts and fears while receiving treatments.

AJ+ created a video about the W. Sisters' salon, showing women who are in various stages of cancer treatment shaving their heads, choosing wigs, getting their nails done, and enjoying facial treatments. 

One visitor to the salon is shaving her head before she loses her hair to chemotherapy. Her sister is also shaving her head in solidarity. When the client gets emotional, her sister says, "You look beautiful, I'm telling you."

Wiszniewska and Wiewióra's salon is a safe space for those with cancer to express their hopes, fears, and concerns. It is also a place where they can take a break from thoughts about transplants, grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and the emotional toll of battling a disease. They can sit back and enjoy a bit of pampering that will hopefully make them feel good internally as well as externally.

To learn more about the salon, check out the documentary about its story.    

(H/T: Upworthy)


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