Do You Feel Socially Awkward A Lot? Science Has Some Good News For You.

"Happy birthday!" "Thanks, you too! Wait ..."

Humans are naturally social creatures, but some people are better at abiding by rules and customs than others. Those of us who aren't are generally labeled as awkward, as we can't find the right thing to do or say at the right time, causing ordinary situations to come to a screeching halt.

Being awkward can come in several forms. It could be as simple as saying "Thanks, you, too!" when someone wishes you a happy birthday, even when it's not their birthday. It could be getting caught in a giggle fit in an inopportune time, when you can't even explain what's so funny. It could be trying to make a joke and it fails spectacularly.

With all of the social interactions that we have, it's understandable that everyone has the occasional gaffe, so why is it so embarrassing and soul crushing to make a mistake?

As Michael of Vsauce explains in his most recent video, humans know a lot about what good social behavior should look like, so seeing something that goes against these customs really sticks out.

However, those of us who are socially stunted shouldn't worry too much about being a walking time bomb of humiliation. Those who are easily embarrassed are typically much more sensitive in social situations and are more likely to be empathetic to others having a rough time. Additionally, studies have shown that people who frequently feel awkward are generally viewed as trustworthy and more likable.

Want to learn more about the amazing neuroscience behind why we feel awkward? Check out the video below:


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(H/T: ScienceAlert)


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