Mexicans Have Some Advice For Americans About How To Deal With Trump

"If there is something you can do, do it!"

The Oval Office has never before been occupied by somebody quite like Donald Trump. After his unexpected victory three weeks ago, many Americans are apprehensive about how they plan to take on a president whose campaign essentially vilified racial minorities and women while making lofty promises about building walls and banning Muslims from the country.

In her 2016ish segment on Vox, Elizabeth Plank took that question to the south of the border to the very country that Trump came out swinging against right from the start of his presidential campaign. Plank traveled to Mexico to ask them how best to deal with a leader like Trump. "Mexicans have had a history of dealing with difficult governments," Plank said. "So what's their advice for Americans dealing with Donald Trump?"

While their responses vary, the overarching advice was to make their voices heard, whether through peaceful protests or legal means. One man also urged Americans to learn from the experiences of other countries run by demagogues. 

Another woman lamented Trump's inflammatory rhetoric against Mexicans. "Sometimes we think it's hard because he's been elected," she told Plank, adding that Americans should fight against it. "But if there is something you can do, do it!" 

Watch the video here:



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