Apparently, Opinions On Abortion Are Much More Complex Than We Think

An interesting look into a hot debate.

The debate on abortion hasn't changed much in recent memory.

For the most part, America remains split on being "pro-life" or "pro-choice." But a new take on the debate is forming, and it's pretty simple: Abortion is not a black and white issue. People have opinions that vary based on circumstance, personal involvement and how the question is phrased. 

Keeping these nuances in mind, Vox took a deep dive into the debate. Their premise was that categorizing people as "pro-life" or "pro-choice" doesn't actually say much about how they feel about abortions. Some people say they are pro-life but vehemently support access to abortions; others say they are pro-choice but would never get an abortion themselves.

In the video below, Vox asked people on the street pointed questions to determine how these subtle differences change the conversation. What they found is quite fascinating. 


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