Volvo Asked This 4-Year-Old To Test Their 'Toughest Truck,' And She Wrecks The Heck Out Of It

Do not underestimate adorable little girls.

Full-size trucks should not be left in the hands of children, and especially not adorable 4-year-old girls with pigtails — Or so you might have thought. 

To prove us all wrong, Volvo decided to arm 4-year-old Sophie with a remote that controls Volvo FMX, their "toughest truck." The stunt was meant for Volvo's latest advertising campaign to test just how durable their vehicle really is. 

And judging by the video below, their truck can withstand a whole lot, even when a 4-year-old is having a great time trying to wreck it. 

"This live test was set up to demonstrate the sturdiness and mobility of Volvo FMX," it says on the YouTube video's description. "Filmed in Serbia on a closed-off gravel pit — with all buildings empty, locked and sealed. The remote control used by Sophie was specially made for this film." 

We'd be lying if we said we weren't slightly jealous.


Ready, steady...

... and go!

Watch the entire video below:


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