This Semi-Autonomous Stroller By VW Is A Total Game Changer


Volkswagen Nederland released a commercial that posed a question back in April: what if baby strollers could stop and go by themselves? No more runaway babies or trying to push a stroller when your hands are full. It actually sounds like a dream come true for parents everywhere.

The commercial itself was pretty cheeky, but one fan of the page asked the question, "Am I crazy, or is a stroller that brakes a really good idea?"


VW decided to go for it and make a prototype by combining an ordinary baby stroller with the adaptive cruise control sensor from a VW Golf.

The project didn't get off to a great start.

Eventually, they found someone to try it out for real.

Once the stroller really got tested, things got pretty amazing.

The stroller was able to follow the father at a safe distance and control for changing speeds.

This stroller did attract quite a bit of attention, but all was perfectly well.

It even makes playtime so much easier.

View the entire commercial here:

Sadly, it's just a fun prototype and won't be on a baby shower registry anytime soon. Still, how amazing is that?!

[H/T: Autoblog]

[All images via Volkswagen]


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