This Atheist Acapella Choir Puts A Humorous Twist On Religious Music

"We don't believe in nothing, we believe in science."

Six years ago, if an atheist in Los Angeles wanted to sing in a choir group, they'd have to join one that performs religious music. But these days, they can just take part in Voices of Reason, an atheist acapella choir group dedicated to singing about their beliefs with a humorous touch.

Voices of Reason was founded in 2011 after people in the atheist community felt there was "a lack of secular music in the community," Katie Sharp, the group's choir director said in a new 60 Second Docs video.


In the video, Sharp discusses how the group stands for equality, but also promotes logic, reasoning, and humor.

"The atheist community is definitely an underrepresented and misrepresented group because we don't believe in nothing," she said, "we believe in science."

Watch the "60 Second Doc" video to learn more about Voices of Reason:


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