'Vogue' Spain's Latest Cover Is A Majestic Celebration Of Black Beauty

Black is beautiful.

Not many models make it to the cover of Vogue. Only those at the apex of their game can claim to have graced that coveted throne. So when Vogue Spain put Aya Jones in cornrows on the cover of its March issue and declared in bold: "Black is beautiful," people naturally fell head over heels in love.


Styled by Belen Antonin and shot by photographer Nico Bustos in Botswana, the Ivorian-British model smolders at the camera in cornrows — which, contrary to MTV UK's claim, are not "Kim Kardashian's boxer braids" — in a tribute to black beauty, according to the cover. 

Jones' hair was styled by Karim Belghiran, who, as his Instagram post showed, had the help of some local women.

Vogue Spain's cover has been enthusiastically received, with many lauding Jones for delivering that #BlackGirlMagic.

It is a sign of the times that a cover like that is so widely celebrated. The fashion industry has taken on a much different character now, compared to mere decades ago. Back then, fair, skinny models were all the rage, and the industry was frequently the target of criticism for an almost uniform standard of beauty. 

But today, a growing number of fashion brands are incorporating ethnic diversity and body positivity in their products, and though there's still plenty of progress to be made, Vogue Spain's cover is powerful step in the right direction.


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