44 Wise Celebs Nail What It Truly Means To Be Yourself

You do you.


You've probably been told, at one point in your life, to "just be yourself." 

But if you had to articulate what it meant to be you, could you?

In a video for Vogue, entitled "The Revolution Starts Here," 44 musicians, athletes, artists, dancers, and more explain "who they are, what they stand for" and how they embrace being themselves.

Participants include chef Kristen Kish, model and activist Cameron Russell, pitcher Matt Harvey, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, artist Jemima Kirke, models Karlie Kloss and Taylor Hill, among many others.  

The video, shot partially selfie-style and set in different locations unique to each individual, is one we're sure you'll enjoy watching.

Here are some takeaways:

"Being an individual, to me, is about fearlessness." — Andra Day

"Individuality is about highlighting what makes somebody worth listening to." — Szelenda Gray

"I think a lot of the times we look to other people for validation as to who we are." — Zendaya

"It's kinda just [about] not giving a f*ck or caring about what other people think of you." — Petra Collins

So whether you embrace your talents, your work, your quirkiness, your style, or what have you, learn to be yourself — and rock it.

Be sure to watch the full video, above, to hear more from these authentic individuals. 


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