Take A Break From Politics And Celebrate The Best Part Of Being An American

"God damnit if I don't love this country."

If you're completely tired of the 2016 presidential election, you're not alone. This cycle has been especially brutal, with scandals and abhorrent comments being made at every turn. It's enough to make anyone feel burned out and discouraged with the political discourse in America. For some, it may even lead to disillusionment about this country.

In his most recent Vlogbrothers video, Hank Green explains that as draining as this election may be, there are plenty of reasons to love the United States that are easy to see if we would just look at what this land really is.


Screenshot, Vlogbrothers

The inspiration for Hank's video came when he was visiting Glacier National Park in Montana. In addition to the natural splendor of the mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and wildlife, he was also able to see remarkable feats of engineering, tenacity of the human spirit, and international cooperation for mutual gain.

In the midst of both the presidential election and the Olympics in Rio, there is a lot of discussion about what patriotism is and what it looks like. Hank's poignant video reminds us that there is so much to love about our country, in its most pure and unadulterated form.

Listen here:

Cover image: Vlogbrothers


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