Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro Could Become Reality TV Stars

Producer Mark Burnett sets his sights on global leaders.

Super-producer Mark Burnett is behind notable reality hits such as NBC's The Voice, CBS' Survivor, ABC's Shark Tank and TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska. Now he wants to build on that success by placing even bigger political leaders in front of the camera. A potential new series would dive into the world of global leaders, with Vladimir Putin first on Burnett's reality wish list.

Burnett said he wants this "to be a series of shows from the eyes of leaders of nations about their countries, not through the lens of a news organization." He points to Sarah Palin's Alaska as a template for the format his vision would take, and has apparently already reached out to Putin to gauge the former KGB officer and current president's interest.

Considering Burnett's comments that the show would center on "the humans, the nature, the animals of the nation," Putin would likely be much more inclined to take his shirt off and hop on another horse for the camera than if the producer aimed to discuss politics of any kind. Burnett was coy when asked if he managed to get through to Putin, offering only a "no comment."

If all goes as planned, however, soon we might see Putin's world from a new, surely not-tampered-with perspective. Following that, perhaps Fidel Castro's, as Burnett hopes. Better yet, why not just throw Putin, Castro, and a bunch of other controversial global leaders into a house together in Miami and see what happens? The Real World: WWIII, we can call it. Just think about the huge mushroom cloud of ratings that would pull in.


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