Little Boy Tries Ghost Pepper Gumball And Has Instant Regret

Has Vito The Kid met his match?

Meet Vito; a seven-year-old with a big appetite who posts food challenges on YouTube. While a typical third grader might consider eating veggies a challenge, Vito is a little more open-minded. He's done videos tackling XXtra Flaming Hot Cheetos, lemon juice, and even Bean Boozled Jelly Bellies.

The inspiration for the challenges comes from a variety of places, according to Vito's father, Chris Frezza.

"Vito is an avid YouTube watcher.  His favorite YouTuber is the LA Beast and loves watching crazy challenges on YouTube," Frezza explained in an email to A Plus. "His reactions range from almost falling over in laughter to wide open mouthed gasps of HOLY COW!  This is how he comes up with his challenges - as well as watching other YouTubers. We started creating the videos probably over a year ago when he said, 'Hey, I could do something like that - let's try it.' It just grew from there."

Vito's latest adventure? Fiery Ghost Pepper Gumballs


"The ideas come from him watching YouTube challenges, then kind of running them by me," Frezza continued. "We can then tweak them and make it a little more kid-friendly.  He will also come up with some ideas while we are doing grocery shopping in the store. We will down an aisle and he'll say 'Hey, this would make a good challenge.'"

Though he starts the challenge off all smiles, Vito quickly learns that being a food challenge star on YouTube is not easy work.

Enthusiasm for the fiery ghost pepper gumball challenge died the second the gumball hit his tastebuds. The pain is real, and it sets in fast. Luckily, he has a tall glass of milk waiting just off screen to cool down the inferno.

Watch Vito's valiant effort here:

"I try very hard, but a lot of times I don't succeed in my challenges.  I will keep trying until I finish a challenge," Vito told A Plus. He reports that the next challenge he wants to tackle is a Warhead smoothie.

Keep on trying, Vito! We'll be cheering you on!

[All images via: Chris Frezza]


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