Bride With A Rare Skin Condition Embraces Her Natural Beauty On Her Wedding Day

"My husband told me I’m beautiful without all the makeup ... [so] I didn’t really want to cover everything up."

A wedding is a celebration of two people coming together in love, making it one of the happiest days in a person's life. The time leading up to it, however, is often filled with stress. And while every bride does her best to handle it, sometimes she can't always control her body's biological response.  


For Kandice Benford, a bride in Terry, Mississippi, the additional stress of wedding planning and taking care of her sick fiancé caused her to experience the biggest case of vitiligo (a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches) she's ever had. Benford first developed vitiligo when she was 18 attending college, but that was just a small spot on her hand that quickly went away. 

This time, however, the skin condition appeared overnight on her face. "I was worried about how other people would see me," Benford told PEOPLE. "People would stop and stare at me, and kids always ask, 'What's that on her face?'

Courtesy of SWNS
Courtesy of SWNS

Benford thought her vitiligo would threaten her "perfect" big day, until her fiancé helped her look at the situation — and herself — differently. While she originally wanted to cover it up, Benford explained, "My husband told me I'm beautiful without all the makeup. .. [so] I didn't really want to cover everything up. I just wanted to embrace my beauty." When her wedding day came, she wore only a light layer of makeup.

Courtesy of SWNS

That experience helped her realize she didn't need to cover up her vitilgo — ever. "I can honestly say having vitiligo has made me a stronger person, and more confident in myself," Benford said. "I love it, it makes me unique."

A Plus has reached out to Kandice Benford for comment.


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