Mind-Bending Video Shows Card Shuffling Like You've Never Seen Before

The art of cardistry is hypnotic to watch and impossible to replicate.

If you think a simple casino shuffle is impressive, prepare to have your mind blown.

In a new YouTube video called "Liquid Paper," a trio of professional card shufflers known as Virtuoso show off a three-minute routine of flourishes, tricks that combine the beauty and skill of shuffles, cuts, card spins, and other moves. The group is made up of three performers — Huron Low, Daren Yeow, and Kevin Ho — a graphic designer named Joshua Tan, and videographer Jeremy Tan.

Together, the Singapore-based group combines creative camera angles with their routine to create an aesthetically fresh look at shuffling tricks.

"Shoot time for our videos vary wildly, depending on how ambitious the project is as well as the circumstances surrounding each production," Ho told A Plus. 

"Liquid Paper" took nearly three months for a combination of reasons. Not only did members of the group fall sick or get injured during the film time, but due to the technical nature of the camera work, there were a lot of retakes.

"We tend not to drop cards a lot during a shoot since we practice as much as we can ahead of time, so as not to waste production hours," Ho said. "A lot of the outtakes were really just a matter of mistiming or things not looking as good in a certain framing as we wanted it to."

You also might notice that the cards don't look like anything you've seen before, and that's no accident.

Virtuoso actually created different decks of cards that accentuate the tricks they do during their videos. Using the United States Playing Card Company — the same company that produces the Bicycle decks you probably know — and combining their own designs, they created a unique card with a familiar feel.

As a result, some people have taken to using the decks in static designs that show of tessellated patterns impossible to make with a regular card. 


Like this:

But really, nothing can compare to seeing the cards in motion. Which is why this video is a must watch. You can also check out their website here

Check out Liquid Paper below:


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