The Beautiful Reason Twitter Users Are Comparing Their Selfies To Scrumptious Cheesecakes

Teens and cheesecakes go well together when up against Internet trolls.

Can women go a day without having to put up with a half-baked comment from an Internet troll? 

Based on the existing evidence, apparently not. But when they saw a Twitter user comparing an 18-year-old's prom dress to a cheesecake, teens across the Internet banded together to fight back.

New Orleans high school senior Kerione had posted a photo of herself in a stunning cream-colored prom gown with red embellishments, looking 10/10 gorgeous. 


But one Twitter user decided that it would be a good idea to compare Kerione's prom dress to a cheesecake.

Well, that certainly wasn't going to fly with the army of teens who clapped back in a cheeky yet empowering way. 

Creating the hashtag #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016, Twitter user Kenna Sharp, 16, posted: "Comparing someone to cheesecake is literally....not even an insult.... I want someone to compare me to a cheesecake."

The hashtag took off spectacularly, with dozens of teenagers posting photos of themselves next to mouthwatering cheesecakes over the past week.

"I feel so proud that there are so many people coming together to support her," Sharp told Mashable. "Other girls (and boys, and everyone in between), fat, skinny, tall, short, black, white, everyone is so supportive. I hope more than anything that it will show young people, and even adults to stand up against something that isn't right, and use whatever resources you have to spread a positive message."

Sharp made sure to play down her role, telling Mashable that she came up with the hashtag spontaneously to help defend Kerione. 

Now that's what we love to see — young women sticking up for each other in the weird, wild Internet world.


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